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Does anyone take Gabapentin for pain relief?

I use Tramadol for flares and was wondering about taking Gabapentin before bed.

  1. Yes I do but I also have fibromyalgia. Cannot sleep or function the next day without it.

    1. AmyBeth:

      I use Gabapentin and I always take before bed. I use it for nuropathy associated with type 1 diabetes. In my experience people either find it works well or not at all. I suggest it for all people who I know that have T1d never pain. Some love it, some claim it is not worth a darn and move on. There seems to be little way to tell without trying it.

      I wish you well and of course your doctor will be the best given your symptoms and the profile of the medication.

      1. Thanks guys. I'm doing okay with tramadol, Tylenol, heating pad and blanket and ice packs for now. But I might consider it in the future if I need more relief.

        1. Hey !

          I hope you are doing well. I am glad your current routine is working to help you sleep. It's nice to know, though, that there are alternatives, if that changes.

          I wanted to share an article with you, from Carla, who talks about using Gabapentin before bed.

          Of course, double check with your doctor since Gabapentin can interact with other medications, especially other pain medication.

          All the best, Monica

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