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Gluten Free and Dairy Free Diet

Diagnosed in Oct 2017, not had much luck with medication. I read on the internet that apparently a dairy free and gluten free diet can help with the symptoms of RA. I was just wondering if anyone has tried the dairy and gluten free diet and if so, did you see any improvements? Is it worth trying?

  1. Yes, I reversed my RA, but it's not quite that simple. Search AIP (Auto Immune Protocol). I've found to be the best source for complete information.

    1. Great, thankyou

    2. Thanks for the information. I am 45 years and am eat up with RA. my left foot hurts so bad I can barely walk. Currently on a new medication but definitely need to improve my diet.

  2. I have been medication free for 4+ years. Like previous comment it is more complicated than just dairy and gluten, but those are definitely on the never list. I’ve recently started a blog and you might find this post interesting. Feel free to reach out!

    1. How did you achieve to be medications free?

  3. I also have a gluten and dairy free diet and also sugar free. I found sugar brings on instant inflammation. I stared with a food diary and logged pain levels each day. After a few days I saw a pattern emerge and cut out different foods. I don't take meds either and my rheumatologist says I am in remission. Hard slog but worth the effort

    1. without dairy, gluten, sugar, tobacco, coffee, alcohol ....🙁(

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