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Has anyone had any luck with hair loss treatments/solutions?

Since being diagnosed with RA, I have also been diagnosed with alopecia (genetic form). Since it's yet another autoimmune disease (I have more) I don't know if there's anything I can do about my hair loss. Has anyone had any luck with hair loss treatments/solutions?

  1. Hi , this article might be helpful in hearing what someone else has been through with hair loss, and an RA medication that might help: This Q&A talks about solutions: and this one has many responses: Wishing you best of luck with this, and please let us know if anything does help! - Nina, Team

    1. I have had hair loss issues. I use shampoo with Biotin and DHT blockers in it. It has certainly made a difference for me, obviously that’s no guarantee it will work for anyone else, but it’s just a thought. Keep on keepin’ on. DPM

      1. Thanks, Daniel. Would you mind telling what brand is working for you? Thanks!

    2. I'm on folic acid everyday. RD Dr put me on it

      1. Thanks for sharing this info, ! Is it helping so far? - Nina, Team

    3. Thanks, Nina. Those articles were helpful. The Xeljanz sounds great for hair loss, however, the side effects are scary! I will check that out with my rheumatologist when I see him in November.

      I have also lost my eyebrows and eyelashes (and I'm on a low dose of MTX - my Vectra score came out as "moderate") I tried Latisse for a couple of years and it was great, then stopped working. I've had luck with Rodan and Fields' lash product since then. Wish I could pour it on my head!

      Am looking into microblading for eyebrows. It's a tattoo technique that's not permanent and has to be touched up every few months or so.

      I'm taking folic acid and biotin (will look into upping the dosages) along with a hair supplement from Hair La Vie. I still have a fairly wide part and a bald spot on the crown of my head and at my temples. I can't imagine what a higher dose of MTX would do! It sounds so shallow but the hair loss is really bothering me.

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