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Has anyone tried water fasting?

Hi everyone, Has anyone tried a 24 hour or 48 hour water fast for RA? I have been listening to Dr. Rhonda Patrick from the Joe Rogan Podcast and she is a huge proponent of fasting for autoimmune. If you have, how did you use your medication during this fast? Did taking medicine kick you out of your fast? My fear is your medication wouldn't absorb the pills if you took them in a fast. Lastly, did it help?! It sounds like a very interesting concept. About me: 28 years old, healthy weight, got Dx with SeroNegative and erosion negative RA in March 2018 by university of Kansas Medical Center. Thanks, Joe

  1. Hi Joe. First, let me say that it is important to discuss any potential change to a treatment regimen with your doctor. Most of the research on fasting and RA seems a little dated. This article from the New England Journal of Medicine's Journal Watch reviews research on the topic from the journal Lancet: The research did find significantly reduced disease activity in subjects who followed a specific diet involving fasting. The authors acknowledge limitations of the study and the need for further research. Best, Richard ( Team)

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