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Hi all,

I'm quite new to RA, diagnosed 2 years ago and so far I thin I'm quite lucky only to have periodic problems with my hands.
The past year I have wondered about allergies and their connection with RA. The past month I have had much more pain than usual and it occured to me that it started roughly the same time as the pollen this year. It also occured to me that I noticed the same thing last year. I've started taking anti-histamines the past week on odd days and it seems that on the days I take them the RA symptoms are milder.
Additionally, as I child I used to have an allergy to dairy products and I've noticed a definate link between dairy and my RA.

I was wondering if I'm imagining this or whether anyone else have come across this?



  1. Hi jml78. You are not alone in the RA community in also struggling with allergies. I can't speak to specifically to RA symptoms improving when on the allergy medications, but I do know that some in the community have found that RA symptoms and allergies can go hand in hand. Some speculate that there is a connection to the immune system overreacting (note: this is just speculation). My wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), takes allergy medication as part of her daily treatment regimen. She wrote here about getting reactions involving hives and not being able to figure out if it was RA or allergies: Another contributor, Monica, also wrote here about the confusion between allergies and RA issues: Your doctor may be able to provide some additional insight on a potential connection. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

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