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Painful hip for a week, normal x-ray?

Hi. I have been dealing with a painful hip for a week. The rheumatologist manipulated the leg and said it seems to be in the joint and definitely not bursitis.

The x-ray came back showing no narrowing of the hip and blood work for inflammation came back fine. I see him again in a couple of weeks to follow up, but I am curious if anyone here has had a similar issue?

No injury, not sure exactly when it started, and it hurts to lie on it. Driving and just sitting in the car is painful. Pressing the gas or brake increases the pain.

I have been resting it and it is some better, but still painful and limiting all activities. Seems like there's always something new popping up.

Thanks for reading and responding in advance.

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  1. Sonny's Mom - thanks for sharing. Hip pain is certainly uncomfortable and you're not alone in having to deal with that in the RA community.

    While I don't have direct experience with hip pain personally, I want to share a few resources that might be helpful as others respond.

    Also as a friendly notice, we can't provide medical advice to you over the Internet for your safety, but others can (and will) certainly share their experiences that might offer a helpful perspective for you!

    Here's one experience from a community member battling hip pain:

    Here's an oldie but goodie that describes the relationship between hip pain and RA from a medical perspective:

    I think these might be good starting places while other community members have a chance to weigh-in. Thank you for sharing your question and I hope that your hip gets relief soon!

    Take care,

    Reggie ( Team Member)

    1. Thank you so much. It's comforting to have a place to turn with people who can fully understand.

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    1. Hi Sonnysmom18, I suffer from hip pain all the time for quite a number of years. I believe it is the bursa that is inflamed. Bloodwork doesn't always show high for inflamation. I get cortisone injections in my hip(s) and my knees quite regular. That helps me alot.
      Then my hip also started with terrible pain on the inside which affected my knee also. It is more complicated for cortisone injection for this area. I recently had a hip procedure in hospital where they use a very fine needle with a small tube and work there way past veins, nerves to get to the front of the hip joint. They, of couse use freezing, they inject dye to see where to inject the cortisone and also antibiotic. I have found great relief from this also.

      For me hip pain has been my nemesis. I take Gabapentin, was recently off of Celebrex late Dec., and also take Prednisone and Plaquinel

      1. Sorry sent before was meant too.
        Sometimes, no most of the time there is no specific reason for the pain except you have RA is my thinking.

        I am sorry you are going through this. You most definitely are not alone in this. I hope you can get some relief, I find heat helps, soon.

        Blessings and Prays for you

      2. Thank you Casmere. I know we all deal with alot having RA, but I didn't expect to always have new issues popping up like this. I've been diagnosed for 1.5 years and am only 48.

    2. Had same symptoms, X-rays showed no problems. it took a MRI to reveal necrosis on the tip of the left femoral head which lead to replacing the hip

      1. been playing with inflamed bursa's for 6years, used kenalog to quiet them down but they got progressively worse. a whole series of x rays showed my hips were ok. took an MRI to look at the back side. pain was progressive and the two hips seemed flair in concert with an RA flair

      2. Hi Larry. Still having the hip pain and awaiting an MRI with contrast. So worried it will be necrosis. Pain is constant, just varies in severity. Did you find anything that helped you with the pain before the MRI showed the cause? Specifically anything over the counter or position wise (not meds). Thank you

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