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Does anyone have hip pain while sleeping?

  1. Navajo,

    All the time! I can't seem to get into any comfortable position to sleep. Sorry that you are experiencing the same!

    1. Yep every night trying to find a position i can tolerate long enough to fall asleep. When i do fall asleep i usually wake up during the night with pain. If I'm lucky I can get a few hours of straight uninterrupted sleep. It's a constant struggle but with any luck it will get better. I hope you can find some relief and get some sleep.

      1. Hi KellyT. As you can see from the other responses, pain and discomfort while trying to sleep are all too common with RA. First, let me say that if the hip issues are a new symptom, it (like any new symptom) should be brought to the attention of your doctor. We have quite a few articles in the archive on sleep issues, many of them dealing with sleep hygiene or general pain and discomfort. In this article one of our contributors writes about sleep troubleshooting, including trying to work on comfort: This article looks at pain and sleep and the science behind it: In addition, in this article one of our contributors writes about being the "pillow queen" in the quest for comfort and pain relief: Hope this information can be of some use and that you find some relief. Best, Richard ( Team)

        1. Thanks Richard . I go to the Rheumatologist tomorrow and am hoping to get a definitive diagnosis. I am one of the ones to have normal lab work but all kinds of pain and crazy things going on with my body.
          For those with hip and back pain i do want to share one thing that does help me alot. I sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees. That seems to take some of the pressure of my hip and back.

          1. All the best, KellyT! I hope you get some answers (and some relief). If you feel comfortable, please update us on how the appointment goes! ~Monica

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