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How can I manage my RA symptoms, like pain and stiffness?

  1. Many in our community find warmth to be soothing for their pain and stiffness. Using a heated blanket or a hot shower or bath can bring relief. Others here prefer cold to relieve pain, but over time, cold can cause more stiffness. You may need to speak with your doctor about adjusting your medications. Whenever possible, get the rest you need. In addition to speaking with your doctor about strategies to manage pain and stiffness, these articles may be helpful: Community Ideas for Managing Pain: Managing Pain on Bad Days:

    1. Managing symptoms, of course, is a major concern across the RA community. In fact, here is an article compiling thoughts from the community on managing stiffness and pain: You also might be interested in this article from our editorial team on overall RA symptoms, with links to more information on specific ones:

      1. Managing RA symptoms is a popular topic here at ! Many of our members have found working in partnership with their physician to find the right medication for them has been helpful to managing their symptoms. Other members are sometimes able to manage some symptoms with exercise and other alternative treatments. Many find a combination of medication and complementary treatments to be a good balance. I really find this information from our editorial team to be very helpful -- If you scroll over the topics in blue on the left hand side of the page, you can click on them and be taken to specific information on that topic (like 'pain relievers', for example). Also, here is some specific tips for handling RA-related pain --

        1. Pain and stiffness are just two of the common symptoms associated with RA and trying to managing these symptoms can be challenging. Remember you are not alone in this Many community members find these articles helpful as they provide a variety of tips that may be helpful: and

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