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I have been told i need a hip replacement

Hi to all,

I have been told i need a hip replacment today by my doctor pain swelling and stiffness in my leg when i walk and not comfortable when trying to sleep also my knee keeps collapsing too so i dont feel great.
Anyone else had this.I have been told to wait for 1 year.
I do have a walking stick.


  1. , I am glad you took the time to post your question here! I do hope you get some helpful feedback from other community members that have been through a hip replacement procedure. Here is some basic information on total hip replacement -- And here's a conversation between one of our contributors that has had some joint replacement procedures, and her surgeon -- And again, I hope you get lots of input from other community members. Please keep us posted on this situation, if you feel comfortable doing so. Best, Erin, Team member.

    1. Why wait a year? Purpose?

      1. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey with us. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing so much pain. Keep us updated as you are able we are here for you. Jacqueline ( Team Member)

        1. hi there Diamonds500, I have an appointment August 5th to see a surgeon for a hip replacement. I am the one that asked my family doctor about it as I have and am in constant pain just like you have described, but my ankle is now affected too.
          He, my GP, told me it could take up to 2 years before the surgery. I also have and am still getting corticosone injection in both my hip and knee every 3 months.
          The RA therapist from my local hospital whom I had a consult with, re hip replacement, (a procedure here is exrays, consult, then therapist sends the referral on to surgeon. Ontario) he asked if ihad a cane, which I do plus a walker, I am to use a cane indoors all tge time a when go somewher, like a doctors office (only place I go except my little drug store) to use the walker. I use to be able to walk the half brock to our mailbox and back using my walker but now I can only make it 2 houses down.

          I sure hope your doctor has put in a referral to a surgeon for you and that you have the pain relief and support of family while going through this. I have hesrd many good reports about hip replacements (I use to work in the health care field) so that is why I advacated for myself. I knew things were bad and I tend to persevere with pain to long.

          All my best to you in this journey of our lives with RA.

          Blessings and Prayers

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