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I have had an mri

Hi to all,

I had an Mri scan on wednesday and i have trapped nerves in the back of my neck 3/4 C spine & also
3/4 C spine lower down i have to go to the Neurology clinic & lots of other i was in hospital from wednesday teatime up till tuesday teatime i have loss of balance using crutches.

Anyone know what this is one thing after another.


  1. I am sorry I do not. It sounds terrible, however. I hope you find relief quickly.


    1. Did you injure yourself, or did this happen on its own? What did the doctors call it? Compressed nerves?

      1. I am a 59 year old lady i was pushed from chair on to the floor i did go to hospital at the time when i was 21 and this was the start of all my problems ect & how i am today i just wish things were differant and i didnt go through the problems i have.
        Thankyou all for listening much appriciated.


    2. , I am so sorry you are experiencing this issue. I have the same questions as . Did you fall?

      12 years ago, my husband fell in an icy parking lot and had bulging discs that then compressed the nerves and he was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. It required surgery to repair the discs, but he has not had any issues since then. He did have months of physical therapy as well, following the surgery.

      Some neurologists will try less aggressive treatment options if surgery can be avoided.

      Have the physicians given you any input as to how to treat your problem and what could have caused it?

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. The Doctors called it trapped nerves but i think its Compressed nerves i did have a back injury 38 years ago but dont know if its anything to do with this my bother pushed me from chair onto concrete floor at home.

        1. My MRI report said neck C4/5 nervre compression & Also C6 foraminal impringment i am also having nervre conduction studies done i have upper &
          I aslo struggled with Pain management whist in hospital am on codine & morphine this is a big shock to me as i only thought i had lower back problems untill i end up with increasing pain 10/10.

        2. , sometimes old injuries can flare up, even years later. But, keep in mind, I am not your physician, so I can't say what is going on with you. Are physicians monitoring your situation? Best, Erin, Team Member.

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