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Infections and staying positive

For the last 3 weeks I have been dealing with infections. UTI which I believe has not totally clear up. I should get the results on Monday. Now a sinus infection. This will be the 3rd weekend I have stayed in bed to get better. I am counting my blessings of great health care providers, insurance, a job and wonderful supportive husband. However I cannot help but wonder how long can I keep up? My job right is in a stressful season on the year. It will end on 9/30/14. I have the usual aches pains that go with monster called RA. I have grown accustomed to the monster. But right now the infections feel like extra baggage which may do me in. I appreciate this forum. And from time to time I have done face to face therapy. And coping advice will be appreciated.

  1. I meant the stressful season of my job will end on 9/30/14. Also I do not want to do any more therapy or other appointments that will add to time away from work or home. Just keeping the appointments to manage the RA is a lot. My eyes, back, thyroid, pain management and RA doctors are quite enough to fit in my schedule.

    1. Holland, I'm so sorry for the ongoing battle you've been fighting. It does seem with RA that it can be never ending. That's good to know that the stressful part of the job is coming to an end soon and that will help. That gives you something to look forward to. I hope that the infections can get under control soon. I'm assuming that you're in communication with your rheumatologist about the infections because they may want you to stop taking immunosuppressing meds until the infections clear. In terms of coping advice, finding others who are suffering with RA can help. And if time if tight, then using online communities like this are a good start. It sounds like your husband is supportive and that is critical. I find that faith is an important part of coping. When you do have doctor appointments, ask them for suggestions. Can you take some time off from work to rest and rejuvenate? There are no easy answers and I encourage you to hang in there. Keep us posted on how things progress.

      1. Holland...I so feel you, I once had a friend laugh at me and say I was addicted to antibiotics...sinus infections, bladder infections, bronchitis (until I quit smoking), ear infections, BV oh yes then the fun of the secondary infection (witch is a given for me -even when I was a teenager) yeast...thank goodness for diflucan 😀 I'm sorry you're not feeling well...keep your chin up (at least you have insurance...I lost my job due to my illness, but I keep my chin up because at least I have food and a roof over my head) I have found nasal emollient to be helpful with my sinuses...smells terrible, but for me, the sinus infections have a lot to do with the dryness causing irritation...if you have dry nose/sinuses it might help you if it's a reoccurring's over the counter at your local drug store (it had to be ordered at my pharmacy, no one seems to know how wonderful it is if you suffer from dry, inflamed nasal tissues) and rest and stress relieve...anyway you can think of to get there...the bladder infections are more complicated for me...I associated yellow dye #5 as an irritant that seems to almost immediately cause a reaction that within a few days to a week causes me to get a bladder infection...the only symptom from this bladder infection is an almost mono like getting up to get something to eat (quick) and going to the bathroom was all I could that I'm getting older, I get some burning sometimes...silly food coloring is in so many things...I still mess up sometimes and realize too late that I am drinking or eating something with it in it...funny enough yellow #6 does not affect me...stress does as I think all of us with rheumatoid issues so try saying "SERENITY NOW!"...sorry was just thinking of an episode of one of my fav sit coms....I hope something in my rambling may help...even if it's just a smile...

        1. Hi Virginia and Dr. Lumpe:

          It is horrible it has taken so long. However, I have finally read your comments and suggestions. I have changed jobs/companies. We still have busy seasons. I am coping a little better. The plus is I have a great boss now.

          Serenity Now does work. Plus just putting on foot in front of the other.

          I will check with my pharmacist about nasal emollient.

          Blessings to you both!

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