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Info Sheet for Employer

Good day everyone. I'd like to give my boss some info ref RA so he can learn about it and what to possibly expect from me. We spoke briefly about it today and he asked if surgery could resolve my issues, so some info would be really helpful.

Is there something on this site that I can email him that I haven't found yet?

Fortunately for me I work in an environment which is flexible to accommodate PT and Dr visits, so I don't have to stress over those.


  1. Hi Chris, Thank you for reaching out! Glad to hear that your work environment is flexible and accommodating. I hope that your boss is open to learning, sounds like he is, which is wonderful. This article on RA Myths and Facts is a great overview: Additionally, this article has a list of helpful educational articles:

    Hope those are helpful! Thank you for being part of our community.

    Kelly, Team Member

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