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Just Diagnosed at 43

Hello. I was just diagnosed this week with RA. They say it's very early and want me to start Methotrexate. At this point I show no joint damage and no inflammation. I have a high RF factor and a week positive CCP. I'm terrified!

I keep reading about all of these people being debilitated. Have two kids age 5 and 7 to take of and run small business form home. Fortunately we live off my husband salary! I'm just terrified. At this point I have some mild pain, but nothing horrible. A I read what I'm in for It just takes my breath away...

The thought o fall the horrible side effects just scares me. I plan on taking it, as intellectually I know that is my best chance of maybe a remission and it not advancing. It is just absolutely terrifying..

  1. Hi TC3120,
    I was 32 when diagnosed and so far have minimal damage; however, I've read it can progress quickly and I have been stubborn and refused to use drugs.

    I do a lot of hot yoga, and find my body loves the heat - but I also work full time in an office that is usually on the cold side; so it's had to find a balance.

    All I can say is everyone's journey is different - and that is no use worrying about something you can't control - but better to our energy into what you can; live life, take the drugs, find an exercise that helps and recognise the trends to flare ups

    1. Welcome, TC3120! First off, it's totally normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed when you first receive a diagnosis of RA. It's hard not to look at the worst case scenarios and start imagining yourself in that position. A few of our contributors are mothers living with RA, so they can totally relate to your concerns about being able to manage your children and manage a chronic condition like RA. I know the "what ifs" can be overwhelming. I am linking to my favorite piece on this topic. It was written by one of our contributors, thinking of the advice she would give her newly diagnosed self, now that she has lived with RA for over 20 years -- And it's okay to discuss your treatment options with your doctor. Some of our members have had good luck with methotrexate, but others have not found it as helpful; every individual responds differently. There are other treatments out there, if you are concerned about the side effects of methotrexate. Honestly, every RA medication has a pretty ominous list of potential side effects, so it really has to be your decision about what is best for you, your health, and your family. And it's okay to question your doctor. It's okay to ask for more information. This is your body and you do have a right to have a say in your treatment plan. While I am so sorry for your diagnosis, I am glad you found this community. Please know you are always welcome here. While we cannot provide medical advice (for your safety), we are always happy to answer questions to the best of our abilities. Thank you for reaching out and have a good night! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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