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Has anyone experienced RA and lung issues ?

Just diagnosed from a pulmonologist with RA affecting my lungs. Monitoring for interstitial lung disease.

  1. Thank you for reaching out and keeping us updated on how you are doing. Yes as you know first hand unlike what people think, RA effects much more than just joints. I have included a link to below to some articles that our Editorial Team wrote on how RA can effect the lungs. Hope you find the articles helpful.
    Please continue to keep us posted. We are here to support you in any way we can. Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

    1. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease back in 2010ish. I also have mild Asthma too. It's gotten so much better over the years.

      Hang in there. It's an obstacle not a wall.

      1. Thank you for the information Lynne. This board really helps because I don’t have anyone outside the medical staff to discuss things with. This is all “new” to me; I usually Google for information and then sometimes get so confused! I still can not find why I’ve been diagnosed with COPD and never have smoked, been around anyone who smoked or around any chemicals. Pulmonologist is saying due to “connective tissue disease”. I’m so lost- gets depressing at times. I can’t find anything on internet that correlates the 2. I know today we have to manage our own health but it’s hard when you can’t find information.
        Again thank you Lynne.

        1. I have recently joined this site after following it for a few weeks. I think it is important to share our stories, we can often help each other to find answers, or simply offer needed support. I am fortunate to have a wonderful Rheumatologist that is very thorough and looks for answers.
          About 5 years ago I have had a dry cough with intermittent fevers , sometimes as high as 102. The primary Md did several chest X-rays over the period of Three months, I was put on antibiotics on and off with minimal results. I went to my Scheduled Rheumatology appointment, told her of the symptoms and the increasing fatigue, episodes of dizziness. I was sure that I had something serious wrong. She sent me over to see an infectious disease doctor. A lung cat scan showed a severe interstitial pneumonia. A lung biopsy weeks later confirmed RA in the tissue sample and I was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease.
          Recently my Pulmonologist put me on Ofev. A new specialty medication which interferes with the formation of the fibrotic damage caused in the interstitial tissue. Hopefully it will prevent further damage or at least slow down the progression of the disease. I have been on this Ofev since 11/4/20. This is a “work in progress”. I will have a lung ct in April.
          My RA has also affected my vocal chords. I loose my voice when in a flare, sometimes like winter, these affects last for months.
          Wondering f anyone else deals with these less heard of affects as well?

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