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Does anyone have experience on these medications?

About to start Methotrexate + Folic Acid + Turmeric + Glucosamine and Fish Oil. Newly diagnosed with OA but they are sure it's RA. Seems like an awful lot! Anyone with experience, advice on all this mixture?

  1. Hi ajoda, Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. I hope others chime in with their experiences to share with you. It is fairly common for doctors to recommend Folic Acid along side Methotrexate as it may help reduce side effects. Additionally, tumeric, glucosamine and fish oil are all anti-inflammatory and may help reduce inflammation in the body. If you're concerned about needing to swallow 5 pills, be sure to speak with your doctor about a strategy and perhaps spacing them out throughout the day if that would help. In addition to speaking with your doctor, these articles may be helpful to you:
    Folic Acid and RA:
    Natural Remedies, Supplements and Vitamins for RA:
    Tackling Inflammation with Turmeric:
    Hope those are helpful. Wishing you some relief soon. Kelly, Team Member

    1. Hi Ajoda: It sounds like you have a medical team that is incorporating both pharmaceuticals (methotrexate) along with proven natural/herbal supplements.The fact that they have you on methotrexate does indicate they suspect RA because that is not normally prescribed for OA while fish oil and glucosamine are recommended supplements for both OA and RA. While five pills may seem like a lot, if this treatment plan is successful, you will find the effort worthwhile and it can prevent future joint damage. Sending you wishes for swift improvement!

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