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Medical Marijuana Cannabis

Am desperate to find something that will arrest the onslaught of my Rheumatoid. Have been harmed by 2 medications and am sick of being sick.

I read Medical Cannabis in the form of Sativex/Nabiximols is arresting Rheumatoid, MS and other auto immune diseases Osteoarthritis and Diabetes.

It is legal in USA/Canada and hopefully soon Australia. Anyone trying it.

  1. Karmel,

    There isn't any solid evidence that cannabis or THC compounds arrests autoimmune disease processes. You can read more about it at


    1. Yes I just started it last week and can do much more. First thing I found was that my brain felt better, more clearer. With in 2 days of taking it I went shopping by my self and walked around stores till noon. Had some walking pain but much improved. That was so much fun haven't done that in a year. Had to go with husband and hold his arm to walk right.
      Doing much more work around the house like baking cooking and keeping the house looking nice. Still can't do floors or hard things like that, hey! it only the third day. So far a very good start.

    2. I am so glad this treatment has been working out so well for you, sharoncookie57! I hope it continues and you are able to enjoy more activities that make you happy. Thanks for sharing your experience with cannabis! Best, Erin, Team Member.

  2. I had no idea that it was even being studied, I am a RN and I have RA...I support medical marijuana especially for cancer patients (I have seen the amazing results first hand with both family and patients) and I hear that it helps with seizures...I hate opioid pain medicines as they are highly addictive and people are killing themselves daily...on the other side, I am in some much pain so much of the time...picture someone taking an impact hammer and smashing your fingers...then spraining your ankles, knees, elbows, wrist, back and go to work...what works for one person, might not work for another...but if it helps one person with the horror of living with this disease, then I do believe that person has the constitutional right for that treatment...what has happened to this world? People, diseases, medications...people have tried to cookie cutter things...everyone reacts to treatments the way they are going to react...we were made this way...research needs to continue to look for answers, but professionals need to remember that everyone is different. I used recreational marijuana for a short time as a young adult...not my cup of tea...made me sleeppy, paranoid, hungry and for lack of a better word "dumb" except for the paranoid part (might not exist if it was legal) sounds better than all over pain and depression and intelligence enough to know how crappy life is with RA...

    1. Hi I’ve just started cbd oil 2 days ago so far it’s been helping me with my neck and shoulders.I have RA and can’t a lot of the medication.

    2. Hi , I'm glad the cbd oil is helping you! Please keep us posted on how you're doing if you feel so inclined. All the best, Tamara (site moderator)

  3. I use Medical Marijuana, I have a certified card, and am happy to say when I am so miserable and I haven't eaten in a couple days then it truly does help... the stigma of "being dumb" is so aggravating.. I am a 54 woman who has worked in the medical field for over 20 years an I can assure you I am not DUMB... You can order certain kinds, to help with certain illnesses. People really need to educate themselves on this, just as they have on all these medications...I have found, I have hardly had to take my pain medications, plus they have a cream that I use, when my joints are so swollen, that I can barely move, that is wonderful, can't go without it.. It is just like everything else, your afraid of the unknown, like I said educate, before you start knocking this... Whether the studies show it works or not, I can tell you first hand, it does...I don't need a piece of paper to tell me I feel better after taking a hit...And I live in a State where its legal. Study up people...

    1. Thanks Ava I knew it does work on rheumatoid from other rheumatoid sufferers where it is available or used illegally. There was a study (3 phase) done in England in 2005 that proved it, as the body has natural cannabis receptors. Done by a Professor of Bone & Joint Health but was canned everywhere. I guess Pharma is not interested in natural herbs as they usually produce synthetic drugs so that's where the money is. I read an article that even Jesus used the cannabis (Kaneh) oil to anoint people and cure people, mixed with cinnamon and myrrh.

      Australia is heading towards legalising MEDICAL mmj by end of year I am praying for it as my Rheumatoid is painfully and steadily killing and disabling me in agony.

      A company called Phytotech Medical have just registered on the Australian stock exchange - within l/2 an hour the shares all sold and went from 20c to 40c and another batch of shares released. I think its an Israeli company hoping to grow and make medical marijuana here in Australia to supply half the world's needs. Australia supplies half the worlds opium now.

      As you say educate yourselves - yes Medical mmj is not the same hallucination strength of cannabis off the street (often mixed with ice). MMj is between 0 to 9% THC. It is the CBD that stops the inflammation.

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