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Iv gave my husband his injections for many years and when trained was made very clear to wear purple gloves and apron our hospital has just changed provider if the methotrexate and I’m told I don’t need to wear Any gloves at all if this is the case why provide a sharps bin when the needle on the injection is inside pen I’m worried now about doing the injection the home supplier of the methotrexate was very rude when I tried to get some answers so now feel on my own any advice would be appreciated

  1. So, you are giving Otrexup, the spring-loaded, prefilled version of methotrexate? Did you change from the manually drawn syringe version? I use Otrexup and have other people inject me. They have never worn gloves or an apron. I think it would only matter if your husband either had an illness that was transferred in blood or was at high risk for that. It sounds like your last provider was a little over cautious. Did you pay for these supplies?

    I do have to use a sharps container for the Otrexup injectable pens even though the needle retracts and isn't accessible. It can still be activated and become exposed, so by law, must be treated as medical waste.

    Hope this helps.

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