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Methotrexate Tips….

Hi there,
My wife has taken Methotrexate for RA for years and suffered all the usual side effects. She has found that taking the dose in halves over a period of 6-8 hrs can help reduce some side effects, also eating a very light meal the evening of taking the dose can help but these are a little inconsistent.
Can anyone share any tips that they have used to help reduce side effects??
Good health everyone, x

  1. For me, the side effects were debilitating sometimes, and other times didn't bother me at all. When the side effects were bad, though, I tried to take the bulk of the meds before bed so that I was asleep when it happened. It didn't always work but it was the best and only solution I found! Hopefully today is a lower pain day, keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. Absolutely make sure you are on the correct dose of Folic Acid to help with side effects. Consider injectable if a GI symptoms are most bothersome. Jo

      1. Hi . I can tell you that my wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), was on methotrexate for many years. One of the big issues was the brain fog, so she would take it on Friday to ensure it wouldn't interfere with her work. Thanks for sharing what has helped your wife and know that this community is here for both of you. Best, Richard ( Team)

        1. The injectable form of methotrexate helped me with side effects, like nausea. There's currently a shortage of the injectable form so I had to go back on the pill form. My fatigue is much worse with the pills. Then again, my mom was fond of telling people that I was born tired so maybe its that!

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