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Can a person be misdiagnosed with RA?

I was on methotrexate for 10 yrs. I have been off for 1 year and I don’t feel any worse. Could the diagnoses have been wrong?

  1. Hi ! Since RA is rather finicky and sometimes challenge to diagnose, it's entirely possible that a person can be misdiagnosed with the condition. That being said, there could be a multitude of reasons behind why your adjustment off the medication hasn't made you feel worse. Have you spoken to a doctor about this yet? Do let us know if you'd like to share! Wishing you well today. -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Yes, I spoke with my Dr. she is a rheumatologist. I didn’t want to burn my bridge in case I need her at some point. She said my tests show RA but I could be in remission. I hope I am doing the right thing but after reading one of the letters on here maybe I should have just cut back on the methotrexate. I hope all goes well.

      1. Hi bethj,
        While misdiagnosis occurs, sometimes the medications we take don't seem to make much difference. It may be that methotrexate was no longer working for you. If you are in remission, that's wonderful. Being proactive with RA is important and I would discuss that with your rheumatologist also.
        Mary Sophia

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