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Anyone have experience with both MTX and Humira?

Hello. My son is 15 years old, and he has RA. First he gets MTX 3 months,but no help. Pain was the same. Then our Dr.tell us Humira, and he is now much more better. But only Humira without MTX. My question is should he take both MTX + Humira? Anyone have an experience with both?

  1. Hi Nataly, I'm sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis, however, I'm glad to hear he's experiencing some relief since starting this different treatment regimen! That's awesome! Humira can be taken with or without MTX, and the decision on when to combine the medications is made by your son's healthcare provider based on his symptoms, past medical history, and a variety of other factors. It may be a good idea to bring this question to your son's doctor to see why he isn't on MTX with the Humira, and if there would be any benefit to adding the MTX back into his routine. They might have more information one way or another based on your son's specific case. Hopefully, others can chime in on their experience with this issue as well, however, in the meantime, I've found an article on Humira that I'm hoping may be helpful too! If you do talk to your son's doctor, let us know what they say! We'll be thinking of you both! -Casey, Team

    1. Hy CaseyH

      I will let you know how will going.

      Thank you very much.

      Best regards Nataly.

  2. Hey Nataly! I personally took Humira with Methotrexate after MTX was not enough on its own.

    Humira and Methotrexate are two different types of medication so they work differently. As Casey said, this is a good question for your son's doctor as he would be able to assess whether he can take both at the same time.

    I know Casey already shared the link for Humira so I thought this one on MTX would be helpful as well:

    All the best! ~Monica

    1. Thank you Monika.

  3. Nataly,
    I'm late to answer, being new to the group. I tried both. They can work well together. However, you need to monitor your son for side effects. Methotrexate caused me unbearable fatigue and hair loss. If the Humira is working well without the methotrexate, I would not consider combining especially since he is a teen. Hope this helps. I am sorry he is having to deal with this as a teen.

    1. Hello MS.
      Also my son start to loss hair and has unbearable fatigue from Metotrexat.Now with humira is well.We must continue and doctor said that he don't need metotrexat.He can took only Humira...Thank you for your answer.
      Best regards.

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