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Does anyone else have neuropathy?

Does anyone else have neuropathy? I do and it is unbearable! I just had a complete workup in neurology and they said it was due to my arthritis. I am taking gabapentin but it makes me too tired to take it during the day.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks? Thank you 😊

  1. Hi Jen! Sorry that the pain is unbearable. That's really hard to deal with and I realize it stinks.

    One of our community advocates, Wren, wrote an article I think might help you - it gives more of a medical perspective explaining how RA and neuropathy are related:

    Another community member had swollen fingers and wrist issues from neuropathy and asked the community for their perspective on whether compression gloves or a wrist brace was effective for treatment. Plently of good answers in that thread so I want to share that as well:

    Really sorry you're experiencing this. I am hoping other community members can weigh in as well.


    Reggie ( Team)

    1. Hello Jen,

      I have neuropathy and I use gabapentin. Mine stems more from Diabetes than RA however I understand the issues.

      I only use gabapentin at night before bed, so when I wake up most of the days I do not have the hang over effect. You may be doing this already but if not that idea might hep out.

      I enjoy also suggest walking or riding a bicycle more. I know that sounds like an oxymoron but I find the blood I circulate the better.

      I wish you well I know how difficult this can be.

      rick - moderator

      1. My neuropathy was diagnosed about one year before my psoriatic arthritis as the numbness in feet and pain in legs had me scared and I got on it fast.
        Been on gabapentin ever since 300mg x 3 times daily plus meloxicam for bone pain and Enbrel injections in stomach from hubby weekly. God bless him he’s been a real trooper for me.

        So my tip; I drink Lipton very dark brewed sun tea all day long with Meyer lemon and stevia sweetener call it sweet tea
        This keeps me awake so I can continue to run my small business 4 employees from home at age 65.

        Best wishes to all as we rise to the challenge of living with this bewildering chronic illness

        Two time breast cancer survivor. anyone else cancer before onset of RA or PA? I I always wonder if there is a cellular connection.

        1. My neuropathy comes from chemo. My toes are numb, which throws me off balance some times. No more heels!

          1. I’m assuming my neuropathy comes from my RA. I’m very lucky that although my feet and lower legs are pretty numb, I’ve experienced little to no pain. I do get occasional shots of what feels like electrical stings but not often. I can feel my feet when they hit the floor and as long as I’m careful I don’t have any issues walking.

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