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Has anyone been diagnosed around 70?

I am 70 and was just diagnosed.

  1. Hi DennyM, welcome!

    We do have community members who have been diagnosed around your age. I can't speak to that experience directly, but I want to share a recent article from one of our community members, Kat-elton, sharing thoughts for those who are newly diagnosed with RA.

    The article isn't specific to those in a senior population, but some of her thoughts/tips might be helpful as you navigate this new diagnosis.

    Also, everyone handles a new diagnosis of RA a little differently. Please feel comfortable to ask as many questions to our community as you need, we are here for you! It can sometimes feel overwhelming no matter where you are in the RA journey, but this is a safe space full of insight, so you're not alone!

    -Reggie ( Team Member)

    1. Hi

      1. I was diagnosed at 66.

        1. I was diagnosed last summer at age 66, although I think I've had it much longer than that.

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