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Newbie looking for treatment insights

After a long year of stress, I developed severe GI issues, autoimmune thyroid disease, and eventually developed such bad joint pain in my knees and elbows I asked for testing.

Rheumatologist found both positive Anti-CCP and anti-pancreatic enzymes. Considerations are RA/Crohns. I have frequent digestive issues, and had scopes done when the symptoms were flaring, which did not show any significant findings.

Since it all started 6 months ago, I have lost 20+ pounds.

I have taken short periods of low dose prednisone which did not seem to help joints at all but make my GI issues worse.

I tried sulfasalazine until developing an allergic reaction after a month.

The next suggestion from rheumatologist is biologics because I appear to have significant malabsorption.

All that being said, my RF, Sed Rate, and CRP have never been elevated. I also do not have other markers indicative of IBD.

I am concerned about the side effects of a biologic. Despite the benefit of potentially catching RA early, am I rushing into treatment? The pain right now is enough to say no, but I also do not want to pursue the highest tier of treatment if it is not the right decision.

Any advice would be great.

  1. Hi there,

    If your doctor thinks it is best for you then there might be no harm in trying! In my experience, the pain relief from the biologic that I am on has definitely outweighed any unwanted side effects. Hang in there! -Franki ( Team)

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