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Newly Diagnosed and taking Methotrexate

Hi, I'm a 42 year old woman newly diagnosed and taking Methotrexate.

I am on my 6th week of the drug... 4th week at full strength.

I have noticed that I am having trouble with memory recall. Last week, I was filling out some school forms for my daughter. I spent a great deal of time (30 minutes?) trying to remember how to spell her middle name. I wrote it on a piece of paper over and over, it finally occurred to me I could go look at her birth certificate. I was near tears. Today, I needed to write a check and I had no idea how to write the number portion. I knew I needed to spell it out but I wasn't sure how.

Is this something methotrexate related? Anyone else have these kind of moments?

  1. Sorry for your recent diagnosis. Just remember that you're not alone and I'm glad that you found this site. Methotrexate is not typically known for causing cognitive impairment but you really should talk to your doctor about this. RA itself can cause mental issues as well. You can read more at

    1. Hi Robyn,

      I too am sorry for your diagnosis. You will find support here and our our Facebook page, so "like" it if you haven't already.

      I'm on MTX too, 25 mg/week and I haven't noticed any memory problems. Of course, I haven't noticed any help with my RA either, but that's another story.

      1. Hi Robyn,

        It took about a month for me to start noticing some positive effects on my RA when I started methotrexate. Not familiar with memory issues, but sometimes I do have trouble thinking and remembering on days when I'm not feeling well. I relate this to "RA brain fog" due to the pain and discomfort. Hope you get feeling better.

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