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Newly diagnosed at 64

I was diagnosed with RA in September and placed on Methotrexate last month...this is all so new to me because I've lived with chronic back pain since I was 17 (64 now) and RA pain is different - meaner. My mom developed RA in her late 40s early I thought I'd dodged the bullet. Apparently, not so lucky. But I knew it was RA as soon as I saw the puffiness of my hands look kinda like my mom's... except Mom's fingers became gnarled into a terrible claw shape as the years progressed.

I work from home using my computer, love to knit, write, and garden. Will these activities fade away due to RA? I've already given up dancing, playing on the floor with my grandson and walking briskly due to the back pain. I'm growing tired of life alterations...or rather living with these changes. How do you cope with life changes due to RA? Advice, suggestions, thoughts, or ideas are welcomed!

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