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Not more trouble brewing.

I have had my second infection, this time i had a chest infection, right lung and was told not to take my methotrexate injection and was given some kind of antibiotic tablets. I'm back on injection now and the other day my middle finger was bent and pain in all my knuckles, one's connected to my palm and all 4 above them, lasting 4 days, to which peeling patatoes or even buttering toast was very painful and both my shoulders have started to ache, keeping me awake also.

Then after having my second Dexa scan after 7 years, was told that my osteopenia had got worse and it's on the verge of crossing over to osteoporosis, i was told i have to be very careful now and my rheumatologist will want to see me and come up with a plan.
What did the woman mean by a plan ?

I'm only 5 ft, 7st
diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bones on verge of osteoporosis and got brac1 mutation gene.

How much can my body cope with what ever medications they want to give me, next time i see rheumatologist.

  1. You must be feeling awfully overwhelmed, . I wish your doctor had given you better news. There are medications that can help stave off osteoporosis, but do not lower your immunity or increase your risk of cancer like some PsA and RA medications. The type of medication prescribed depends on the stage of osteoporosis. It is good your doctors have caught this now and not after it has already become full-blown osteoporosis. Early detection can make a huge difference. Sending lots of gentle hugs your way. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi . Your concerns are certainly understandable. Unfortunately, osteopenia and osteoporosis often go hand in hand with RA. As noted in this research article on the topic, many of the modern anti-inflammatory RA drugs can also help with osteoporosis: While it is also noted that steroids can be detrimental. Your rheumatologist should be able to provide further information. Wishing you the best and please feel free, if you like, to keep us posted on how you are doing. Richard ( Team)

      1. Unfortunately the longer we live with RA the more secondary conditions, or co-morbidities, we seem to collect. It is definitely overwhelming and scary, but I think your rheumatologist is right in that the best way to combat these things is to come up with a plan for dealing with the symptoms, if not the cause, at least. I know it seems daunting but a littler preparation can go a long way to help with the pain and also the mental anxiety that inevitably comes with living with so many secondary illnesses. As always though, just remember, you're not alone and you can always come here to chat, ask questions, or just be with others who get it! Keep on keepin on, DPM

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