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Is anyone else using Orencia?

Feedback on Orencia and possible side effects needed?

Dr recommending Orencia IV infusion reviewed possible side effects. Scary, Orencia self injectable. No longer doing the job. Any feedback to share?

  1. Hi dcounts! I am sorry the Orencia injections are no longer working for you! Here is a bit of information on Orencia infusions that you may find interesting -- Here is some detailed information on the infusion process --

    I know a few of our contributors and a number of our members have been on Orencia infusions, with varying levels of success. I do hope they chime in here.

    As with any treatment, only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. It's your body. While you didn't get to decide whether or not to have RA, you do get to decide how to treat it.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi Erin,
      Thanks for responding to Orencia IV question. I had treatment yesterday no significant reactions to med. Hoping IV will work better than self injectable. Appreciate the resources, good info!!

    2. I am glad your infusion went smoothly, dcounts! I hope that continues! Best, Erin, Team member.

  2. I had Orencia infusions for a year did nothing for me.

    1. Hey dcounts!

      I wish I had seen this question earlier! I personally was on the Orencia injections. They worked pretty well until I seemed to plateau. I eventually switched to the IV infusion and so far, respond very well to it. I do have varying levels of success each month but I don't experience side-effects.

      I hope other community members chime in as well with their experiences!

      All the best, I hope your infusions have been going well!

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