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Will there ever be a long period of time where I will be pain-free?

Considering all biologics, will there ever be a time when I will have no pain over a long period of time?

  1. Hi Sharon! I wish I could give you a clear "yes or no" answer to your question. But, the truth is that each person has a pretty individual RA experience. Some of our members can have extended pain-free periods that last for years. Other members state that they have some level of pain nearly every day. Here is a video from one of our contributors about managing pain -- I do hope you are one of our members that can have some great pain-free days! Thanks for reaching out and best of luck. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thank you Erin. Yes I hope I can as well. Other than medication, would you recommend other things such as diet or OTC herbs such as turmeric etc.?

  2. Hi Sharon. As Erin said, everyone's RA experience is unique. Even remission can mean different things for different people. This experience goes for our contributors. Thought you might be interested in a few of their takes on the subject. In this article one of our contributors describes her experience with a six year period: In this article one of our other contributors looks at the medical criteria: Finally, in this article a contributor who has had substantial previous RA related damage relates what remission means to her: Hope this information is useful and please know you are always welcome here for information or just a little extra support. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Hi Sharon. Everyone's RA is different and thus diets can impact people differently. I've seen members of the community swear by a diet and others swear by one that seems to be the opposite of the first and both views could be right - for those individuals. In this article one of our contributors writes about how diet isn't a cure, but can have an impact: There are foods that have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties. This article looks at some of these: Hope this information helps and know that you are always welcome here for information and support. Best, Richard ( Team)

    2. Richard all your info has been quite helpful. I am going to try to incorporate these good anti inflammatory foods. I have used an anti inflammatory diet before but it was much more strict. Thank you so very much!

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