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Can my Dr. take away my meds because I can't pay the balance off in full?

Can my Dr. take away my meds because I can't pay the balance off in full? My Dr. Just stopped filling my meds because I owe him money, I always send some each month, but he said he wants the balance paid in full or no meds! Can he do this? And leave me I'm pain.

  1. Dammy,
    Thanks for reaching out and so sorry to hear this is happening to you. While I cannot speak directly to this, you may want to contact the Arthrtis foundation ( who may be able to speak to your scenerio.
    Additionally, I do hope others chime in too.
    You may want to check out this article if you do need additional assitance.

    You are doing an amazing job and we wish you all the best. Keep us posted too!
    Kindly, Lauren ( Team)

    1. Thank you

      1. I believe the doctor can do whatever he feels he want to do at this point. It's terrible, no it's downright HORRIBLE that he would because of money issues. I can not believe he wouldn't work out a payment plan of some sort or just try to work with in another way. These pain medication issues really upset me because they have NO clue just how painful RA is unless you have it. I do not know much about your issue but if it were me, I would start making phone calls and find out who this doctor's boss is or who is above him/her. They all have to answer to someone. I would also ask in all sincerity if there would be anything you could do. These people are supposed to be there to help medically and I would hope, if you are having trouble paying, financially.

        1. Thanks for your input, they tried to set up payments, but they wanted me to commit to payments I knew I could not make. I'm trying to find a new Dr. But the wait to get in is 4 to 6 months! I'm in VA.

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