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I had a huge GSD, maybe, actually, a Shiloh Shepherd…dunno. He always when I was feeling badly and…he would respond. Dingo would lay against the area of my body that was in pain. The heat of his body really helped.
My dogs now make me smile even in rough moments.
Anyone have such experiences w your pets?Dingo

  1. I used to have Ollie, a Persian cat who saw me through the worst. He knew when I was feeling crappy and would come into my bed and sleep with his head on my shoulder. I miss him every day but he lived to the ripe old age of 18 so I can't complain. Now we have Philo! Much more active than a cat, lol, but he's smart as a whip! Pets are so key, I think, to helping deal with this awful illness!! You are not alone and he looks like a good boy!

    1. Precious!!! Even when they come in and bring the yard and mud with them! 😀

  2. Beautiful perrito. ❤️

    1. Thanks for staring a beautiful thread. One of our Health Leaders led a Conversation of the Week discussion about emotional support pets and RA that you might also find interesting! Warmly - Reggie, team member

      1. Hi . I definitely think pets try to take care of us. My wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), has had a number of surgeries and our cat, Aiko, was always there for her. She wrote this article on important things she has learned from her cats over a lifetime or the "Tao of Kitty:" Best, Richard ( Team)

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