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Does this sound like RA?

Both wrists and all finger painful and burning pain intermittently up both forearms... started and progressed since early March. Rheumatologist said it doesn’t seem like RA but found my Vit D low. I know that medical advice can’t be given here, but any ideas? Does this sound like anything that RA or another AI disorder could do? I have fatigue to but realize that can be from the low Vit D. Thank you for any responses

  1. Hi ,

    I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain! Are you experiencing inflammation in your wrists and fingers? The first doctor I saw was confident that I had arthritis due to the large amounts of inflammation in my elbows. It could also help to see another Rheumatologist for a second opinion.


    1. Thank you for responding. My whole fingers swell and I get puffy around my large knuckles (MP joints). My left elbow is more painful now- possibly from having to adjust how I drive and do anything else with my hands now. At times my wrists will get puffy. Since posting, I got a message from the rheumatologist cancelling my follow up appointment and suggesting I see a neurologist for possible “ small fiber neuritis.” When I looked this up, various sites say it is caused by AI issues. Same with the low Vit D. So confused . Any info on small fiber neuropathy?

      1. Hello Sonnysmom!!

        Do you have a family history of RA or other A1 diseases? Mine did but I didn't know it at the time.

        Ra can affect people in many different ways. Mine started with severe pain in my groin area(lower hips). It only lasted that day. Three months later it started in my knuckles in both hands, painful, puffy and warm--no burning. Months later, painful right hip and shoulder, then puffy, painful wrists, later again. Also very tired. Elbow pain came later.

        My Rheumy took blood tests, my history, exrays and did a thorough physical exam. My next appt. he declared that I had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.

        I was dxd. with Juvenile Diabetes(type 1) when I was 3 y/o. I also had given birth to my first child shortly before I was dxd. with RA. Being pregnant and giving birth of course causes a lot of stress to a body. I was thankfully put on the necessary medications immediately.

        I agree with Franki about seeing another Rheumatologist AND a Neurologist. Let us know the outcome please. Best wishes and healing to you!

        1. Thank you for your response. I have seen a neurologist who says it is thoracic outlet syndrome and Raynaud’s disease. I am scheduled to see a different rheumatologist Monday. Just ready to get some answers as my symptoms are changing... I now have neck and shoulder pain on the left side

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