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Post Covid RA

There has been some discussion about whether people who take DMARDS or biologic have protection from post covid effects. One doctor who works with Long Covid patients noticed that there are no rheumatic disease patients in her Long Covid clinic.

Good questions that I would like to pose here (as a post covid newly diagnosed autoimmune patient)….

Does taking DMARD protect against autoimmune conditions after Covid?

  1. Hi . I can't personally speak to the impact of RA meds on post COVID effects or long-COVID and I need to stress that we are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice over the internet. I did find this article from Harvard Health about how people with RA may offer insight into who gets long-COVID and how, but this points to people with RA getting long-COVID: There were some biologics, such as Actemra, used to treat COVID and mitigate symptoms. I don't know if there has been any research into it preventing long-COVID. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Thanks Richard! I’m pleased that there is a good amount of empirical research happening that helps define LC using immune profiles, and even randomized control studies. Looking at treatments. It’s becoming clear that some long Covid subsets are likely autoimmune.

      I will keep checking back. If you hear anything though please post. This is a great resource, and I really appreciate your time!

      1. Hi . You are very welcome and I too think it is very important for the immune and the inflammatory responses and connections to long COVID to be studied. Hopefully, besides LC, there can also be interesting insights and eventually treatments for things such as brain fog and fatigue. Know that you are always welcome here. Best, Richard ( Team)

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