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Anyone use Prednisone intermittently?

  1. HI ! I do take steroids intermittently, as needed for a flare (even a minor one) or when I have issues with my lungs be it the RA or an infection. I am allergic to Prednisone, but take dexamethasone in pill form for 5 to 10 days pending on the need. I have 2 cousins with RA and they too get Prednisone during flares for a short period of time.
    Hope others will respond and let you know if they do or not.

    1. Thanks!

      1. You’re most welcome! Please let us know if you need anything else. -Effie, team member

    2. I have used it for emergency purposes/flares. My rheumatologist came up with a plan for me for this, and it worked when needed. -Effie, team member

      1. Hi . My wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), is on regular low-dose prednisone (5mg a day), but she also has an emergency supply/prescription from her rheumatologist as part of her flare action plan. When she improves she goes back down to the 5mg (tapering back down depending on how much extra she had to take). I also know that intermittent use has long been a standard treatment as noted on this research article from 1998: Hope this information is helpful. Best, Richard ( Team)

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