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Progression of RA

I was diagnosed a couple of yrs ago, but im sure it started a couple of yrs before diagnoses!! Started in my thumbs where it felt like my ligaments and tendons were tearing, now my right shoulder hurts in the rotator cuff through my clavical, and my ankle and elbows, sometimes my knee and hip, was curious if this is a slow aggression, or if it is a fast aggression?

  1. Sorry to hear this. Yes, it is true that one usually has symptoms a while before being diagnosed. Sound like you have more joint involvement now. Not clear if it is fast or slow progression but rather that the treatment is not effective enough. If you are on treatment, may be your rheumatologist can fine tune the dosage of your medications so you can get more relief.
    I have had RA for slightly less than 15 years now and it also began in my wrists, hands and thumbs - still my worst joints. But I also have more joint involvement now.

    1. Hi . I'm with in wondering if your treatment needs to be adjusted or changed. Of course, everyone's RA is different and thus what constitutes control is different, but don't hesitate to bring up with your rheumatologist your concerns about progression. There are now a lot of treatment options (see: I want to share with you this article on the importance of early treatment to prevent joint damage: Aggressive treatment is worth fighting for. Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. I just want to chime in and share an article that talks about the progression of RA- It may offer you some insight and information as you look deeper into the intensity of your symptoms. As it has already been said, RA is not the same for everyone. So getting the most beneficial feedback is going to come best from your doctor. I still hope this helps! All the best, Latoya (Team Member)

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