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RA and Celiac Disease

Hello! I received my RA diagnosis in 2017, however was diagnosed with celiac disease a few months ago. Anyone else here dealing with celiac? It’s been a change for sure and I’m still trying to figure out how to truly avoid gluten. That sneaky stuff is in so many more foods than I could have imagined! I know many of you here deal with two or more autoimmune diseases. What advice, tips, etc. do you have for living with multiple diagnoses? Thank you and y’all have a blessed day!

  1. Hi savedbygrace Celiac runs in the family though mine is an allergy with markers for autoimmune. I cook simple or buy gluten free. I use to buy different ingredients to cook from scratch but it was a little expensive since I didn't always use what I bought. I also have chronic hives so I try to stay from foods that cause more inflammation like nightshade plants like peppers and tomatoes. Love, elirose

    1. thank you! I am finding a lot of frozen meals that are gluten free. I’m so thankful that those are available but I have also been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. I love tomatoes and peppers and don’t know they could cause inflammation. The hardest part is going to restaurants. Especially when I ask if they have gluten free options and they say they don’t know.

      1. Hisavedbygrace please please be careful I am miserabe with hives by gluten but with celiac is is even more important to be careful. My husband is even careful what we have in the house. I wish he would treat himself but doesnt want to eat in front of me. So good to have his support. I wish you health and understanding. Treat yourself. Love, elirose

        1. savedby grace If you come across a good recipe, please share. It would mean alot to me. Love, elirose

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