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RA Fatigue

I find myself enjoying 3 days a week (walking, doing chores, etc.) and the rest of the week recuperating from the "good" days. I feel guilty that I'm always resting and tired of this new normal! How do fellow members handle these "off" days?

  1. , it's nice to "see" you! I think you're doing a great job of managing your good and not-so-good days. It can be a challenge and frustrating when you have the desire to get more done in a day, but your body says "no".

    I thought you might find this piece interesting -- And also this one -- I think, what it comes down to, is not feeling guilty or unproductive when you have those off days. While this new normal can really suck, your body needs those off days to rest and recover. It sounds like you are making the most of the good days, so cut yourself some slack and don't feel guilty about the days where you just need to rest on the couch with a good book or a favorite tv show on. You deserve those breaks!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi Erin! Thank you so much for your reply, support, and additional articles to read! I struggle (like most of us) with depression of not being able to do those activities I used to do. Most times I can just accept this normal...but usually another issue occurs which continues to block my feelings of acceptance. I'm seeing an orthopedic in a few hours to see if replacement knee surgery is in my future. Life throws a few curve balls our way and it's up to us to decide how to take those curve balls. And then an angel like you comes into my life reminding me that others do care. Thank you, Erin! And I hope we can keep in touch!!

      1. ! First, I apologize for my tardiness in responding to your message! Thank you for remembering! I think I've found a great orthopedic surgeon but he wants to try several types of knee injections before we finally get to surgery, I hate waiting around while in pain between these injections. The first one seemed to work for about 10 days. Then my knees began to ache and within a day they were back to full-blown pain. I called his office and will see him on Friday, Nov 18 for the new injections. Meanwhile, I start PT tomorrow. I'm the type who would like to skip all the nonsense and go straight to the option that will help. But I'm guessing these steps are necessary before my insurance will approve the surgery.
        I saw my pain management doctor regarding my lower back pain and he started me on lidocaine patches which are working great! Thank goodness.
        And as if there couldn't be enough wrong with me already my bloodwork shows an increase in my calcium numbers. Evidently, it has been high for the past year but now has spiked to another point. I see an Endocrinologist on December 1st.
        The constant change in my 'new normal' puts me into a deep depression. Right when I think I have a handle on the current state of my health, then another issue rears its ugly head. I don't mean to be whining because I know everybody on here is dealing with multiple health issues. Just trying to get a grip on everything and try taking one minute at a time.
        Thanks again for checking in on me, Lori! Have a great day!!!

      2. Whining is perfectly okay here, . One person's pain does not negate your. Knee replacements only last so long before you need another. So I am guessing that is why your doctor keeps trying other things, but let your doctor know if it all gets to be too much. You might have to advocate a bit to get what is best for your. I am glad lidocaine is helping your back and I hope the calcium issues turns out to be something very manageable. Good luck with both appointments and have a great weekend if you can. - Lori (Team Member)

    2. Erin, team member

      1. Oh, that's a great question. Even after 30+ years of RA I still don't know exactly what to do on those days. Most times I just shirk most of my responsibilities and rest or do something mentally distracting, but some days you just can't forget how much pain you are in. I basically have stuff ready to go on the days I am feeling up to it so I can just get to it and the rest.. well.. we do our best! Thanks for sharing and wonderful picture! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

        1. Thank you, Daniel! I watched my mom's turn into claws due to her RA and I didn't have any idea of the suffering she went through. When i saw the swelling in my knuckles and felt the pain i knew it was RA. The only thing i could think of was how I had my mom's hands.. I take the same stand you what I can and try my best to enjoy those days. I tend to walk longer on my good days which leads to a day or two of recovering.( I've always neen an'd think I'd learn by now!)
          Thank you for sharing!

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