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Recent diagnosed

Hi, I’m new to this! Been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Had struggled for over a year with back pain, especially waking me in the night and severe stiffness in the mornings. Plan is to start on auto immune therapy (injections every 2 weeks) but had issues with the pre screening results so that’s on hold for now!
Anybody know any how I can possibly have a full nights sleep!?
I am so exhausted all the time, physically and mentally. Being only 31 with two young children it’s very difficult!!
Also, if I get enough sleep will the feeling of exhaustion definitely go away??
Feel like I’m at a dead end at the moment!

  1. Hi! Welcome to our community here and I'm sorry about your recent diagnosis. Has your rheumatologist suggested anything you can take while in this limbo phase of waiting to start injections? Usually they do offer something to help with pain, inflammation etc. The fatigue does and can get better. Many times it's connected to untreated RA. Once you start to get things under control that can improve. However, some medications can cause fatigue too. Everyone's different so you'll have to test what works out for you. Magnesium, tart cherry, herbal healing teas before bed can help. A lot of people with RA find benefit working with an integrative doctor too to help them dig a bit deeper and look at more of the root at what's causing fatigue, sleepless nights aside from the RA/meds. Hormones, stress, food and lifestyle all play a role. I hope you feel some relief soon! -Effie, team member

    1. I hope you've been able to look further into the your sleep issues and get some resolve. If you've added anything to your regimen that has helped you we'd love to hear about it. Also, I want to share with an article that may be helpful as well as it talks about sleep hygiene- Hope to hear back from you! Kindly, Latoya (Team Member)

      1. Hi . On top of the excellent information from Latoya and Effie, I just want to note that people here get how bad the RA related fatigue can be. I want to share with you this article from our patient leader Daniel titled simply "Fatigue Stinks. That's It:" I want to also call attention to the extensive discussion in the comments section which has some great information on fatigue, dealing with it, and the research into root causes and potential future of treatment. Hope this information is helpful and please feel free to keep us posted on how you are doing and to ask questions. Best, Richard ( Team)

        1. Epsom salt bath or plain bath always helps me. Maybe a few overhead and side stretches?

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