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Rheumatoid arthritis with a twist

I am 71. Diagnosed back in 2014. Went thru the array of meds, prednisone. methotrexate, plaquenil. Today humira with the help of tramadol, muscle relaxers and Celebrex. I use those when I over do it on the good days. I also get cortisone shots in my shoulders and knees at least once a year. In 2021 I had a new autoimmune disease begin but it took almost a year for it to be diagnosed. We all know that plaqnol arthritis is common. But for me I couldn't get that. February 2021 I had two places on my face that began to take over my face. I also got the covid vaccines in March. The booster in August. From March to August I watched this eczema spread over my body. I looked like I was terrible sunburned all the time. Lotions anointment and itching. In 2021 I was on 3 regimens of prednisone. This would help tone it down but as soon as I weened off the pills my body went full blown and I was miserable. As I write this I am winding down my 4th prednisone regimen. But my dermatologist finally diagnosed my skin condition. I couldn't get just psoriasis I had to get the rare one in short PRP. Pityriasis rudra pilaris. I started taking acitretin. According to research if I can live another 3 to 5 yrs it might go away. But being 71, well only time will tell.
I did not see this disease listed among what you listed. Please research it and include it. There are not alot of us with it but it does not respond to all the meds. As they what works for you may not work for me, vice versa. Thank you. Forrest Hill.

  1. Hi . Sorry to here about the pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) comorbidity. Did a doctor refer to PRP as a form of psoriasis? I ask because PRP and psoriasis is often confounded with psoriasis and is considered a differential diagnosis (similar signs and symptoms that have to be differentiated from each other for diagnostic purposes). This article discusses this and a potential interleuken-17 treatment:,in%2080%25%20of%20all%20cases. Your doctor should be able to provide additional information. Best, Richard ( Team)

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