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Anyone know if there is a rheumatologist who has the condition?

I know it's an odd question BUT I would love to know and love to have such a provider. Sometimes I just feel like they (these various doctors I've seen) really do not have any idea of just how this disease really effects my life everyday. How bad the pain really and truly is. Just how negatively the medications side effects effect every aspect of my life. They don't realize that I don't have months to "wait & see" if this new medication will work for me. They do not realize how much the pain, fatigue, constant daily struggle to just "live" is and can be. Oh, they say they "understand" and act so concerned but really do they have a honest take or clue of how you really feel. Oh, come back in 6 weeks and use heat & ice...see ya next appt and oh, take care.

  1. Hi Patricia, Thank you for sharing and reaching out. So sorry that you are struggling with finding a doctor who really "gets" you. You are not alone here. Have you sought out other doctors in your area? This article may be helpful to you. It has a link to an online search tool for finding a rheumatologist in a particular region: Sounds like you are a fighter and you're not shy of advocating for your health, which is awesome! Keep it up. Communicating your symptoms and how they are impacting your day-to-day life is valuable! Wishing you some relief soon. Kelly, Team Member

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