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Rheumatologist refusing treatment

Due to switching insurance, I had to find a different rheumatologist who is in my network. I have been on Remicade for approximately 10 years and it has worked out well for me. My new rheumatologist has refused to treat me with Remicade because I have not had the Covid vaccine. He will not allow me in the infusion room. Has anyone else dealt with this and can they legally do this?

  1. I am sorry this is happening. I know when it is time for my Rituxin, I really can barely wait. Indiana a doctor is not required to prescribe any medication. So I think in Indiana the answer would be yes to the bigger issue.

    You might wish to consult an attorney in your area.

    1. That's outright pathetic. And unconscionable. Is there any chance at all that you can see another rheumatologist in network? I'd take a look at the laws in your area and if this rheumatologist is simply doing this because he wants to, as opposed to legally being obligated to, I would call the Health Dept. and the Licensing Board in your state. I have no idea if either would be helpful, but it would be a place to start. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

      1. Oh - and I'd also call the insurance company and demand that they provide another rheumatologist or cover the cost of your previous rheumatologist.

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