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Has anybody tried this new med? It is a JAK like Xeljanz. It was just approved in August, I think. My doctor wants me to take it with my MTX. We had to stop the Actemra because I kept an itchy rash, swollen lips and tongue.

  1. I started Rinvoq two days ago. I'm taking Plaquenil, leflunomide, lyrica and now Rinvoq.

    1. Will adding Rinvoq to your med therapy remove one of the meds you're already taking?

  2. Hi ktinflorida and dhrndz! I wanted to circle back here and see how Rinvoq has been helping either of you. Do let us know if you'd like to share! -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Yes, please do as my doc wants to start me on it.

  3. Has Rinvoq caused anyone else to gain weight? I didn’t know if it was that in combination with Prednisone [5mg] or the
    drug itself?

    1. I have been taking Rinvoq since January. I was on Humira almost 15 years and it stopped being effective.

      It took almost 8 months to realize it, so when I started Rinvoq I felt better within a few days.

      I haven’t had any side effects that I have noticed.

      1. My doc wants to start my on Rinvoq to get me off prednisone. I'm fearful bc I am so allergic & also don't know if ill get approved for low or no cost.

      2. Rinvoq has fantastic patient assist cost program. In my case it was not part of the insurance formulary, so they are providing it to me direct at no cost while they work with my insurance company.

        They also assign a nurse ambassador who calls me every month to check in.

        I can't speak to any allergic reactions, I don't have any.

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