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Can I inject my Metho early without schedule disruption?

Can I inject my Metho a day early without severe disruption to my schedule or side effects? Taking an all day road trip on the day I usually inject and I don't want that "weird" metho halo hanging on me all day. Does anyone know if there are any serious complications for injecting myself a day early?

  1. Hi Olfalatumas. I can't speak directly on taking the methotrexate early, but understand wanting to avoid the after-methotrexate cloud (or as you say halo) while on the road. For your protection we cannot give medical advice over the internet. Your doctor should be able to give some guidance on moving your injection date (there is of course the chance they will want to move it back and I do know of people that have had biologic injections moved back). Hopefully, someone can chime in with more specific experience. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Thanks Richard... I just went ahead and shot myself today. I tried the Dr. and knowing how busy they are I didn't get a response so just took things in hand. I always have about 12 hours of this weird cloud that follows and didn't want to ruin the road trip tomorrow. I foresee no odd side effects so will move my day to a Tuesday inject day unless Dr. advises otherwise.
      I appreciate your honesty about not advising me... thanks for the response.

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