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Prevalence of people with RA whose tests show seronegative?

  1. Hi Violetrose: I, for one, am seronegative. Depending on the source, estimates are as high as 40% of all RA patients are seronegative, although interestingly some previously negative people develop a positive R factor response after time. It's frustrating because there are some doctors that won't diagnose RA without this positive test. Hope this helps answer your question.

    1. At least two then.

  2. Hi! I am seronegative as well. My rheumatologist was slightly hesitant to list my diagnosis as RA at first, but after seeing my disease progression, did decide it was RA. Lucky me - LOL.

    1. Me too. Interestingly, my osteopath told me he is seeing a big increase in sero-negative RA patients in his practice. I wonder if there are data out there.

      1. Hi Violetrose. As you can see from the comments, there are plenty of seronegative members of the community. Thought you might be interested in this article from one of our contributors on when blood test results don't tell the entire story: Best, Richard ( Team)

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