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Seronegative RA

How can I be sure that my diagnosis of seronegative RA is correct? Are their diagnostic tests that can confirm this diagnosis?

  1. Hi . You definitely are not alone in having questions about a seronegative diagnosis (note: up to 30% of cases are seronegative). A lot more goes into the diagnosis than just the rheumatoid factor. This article looks at the diagnostic process: The rheumatologist should be able to explain why it is believed to be RA. There is also a test called the Vectra D which, while not diagnostic, does look at twelve biological markers to measure disease activity. Unfortunately, there is nothing definitive, but hopefully treatment will improve symptoms providing some level of confidence in the diagnosis. Please know that many here understand. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Thanks for your quick response and including an informative article.

      1. I thought the diagnosis of seronegative RA was weird. Do I have RA or do I not have RA?? YES I do have RA. I have most, if not all of the RA symptoms. It just doesn't show in my blood work. But funny thing is that 1 test the numbers are elevated whereas the others are normal. But do my blood again a month or two later and the elevated level will be normal along with the rest, and there is a possibility that one of the others might be elevated. My doc just shakes his head. Good luck to you!

        1. Thanks for the reply! Sometimes I doubt myself and think I must be making too much of the various symptoms I have. I have developed neuropathy over the past 18 months which is another sign that RA is real!

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