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Does anyone have a spinal stimulator?

My surgeon recommends it due to failed back surgeries and chronic pain.

  1. Hi KellyT. Hopefully you will get some feedback from the community. You may also want to post your question on our Facebook page. I know we have some community members who successfully use TENS units. One of our contributors writes about it here: I'm also aware that it is not the same as a surgically implanted spinal stimulator. You might be interested in this article looking at some of the potential and limitations of vagus nerve stimulation: Hopefully you can get your surgeon and rheumatologist to communicate and work together with you to determine the best course. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. Thank you Richard I will check out the articles.
      I have used a tens unit in the past and i hated it. It gave me the creepy crawlies and made my skin itch. I was told by the Medtronic rep that you do feel the shocks but it is mild and you get used to it. He compared it to having a white noise in background that after awhile you don't notice.
      I really hope someone out there has had a stimulator placed and is willing to share their oppinion on it. My primary care doctor is pushing me to get it. I think she is doing this because she wants me to go away so she doesn't have to manage my pain. My surgeon is telling me to get all the info i can on it and make an informed decision.

      1. Hi Kelly! Back pain is one of those issues that plagues the most, because we use our back for everything. You may want to ask the surgeon if there is a trial period or device you can try. This may help you make a better decision. As you do your research, be sure to look for reputable large studies. Richard gave you some great links! Encouraging hugs to you. Mary Sophia, site moderator.

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