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Has anyone dealt with RA spreading to the spine?

How do you treat your Rheumatoid Arthritis? Has anyone dealt with RA spreading to the spine? If so how did you go about treating spinal inflammation? What medications do you take that prevent RA progression?

  1. I too would love to know the answer of spinal inflammation. After two spinal fusions in a 4yr period the pain is still there and as intense as ever. Im sorry you are dealing with inflammation and pain.

    1. Hi Amberssss. RA can absolutely impact the spine. In this article one of our contributors looks, in detail, at some o the ways RA can effect the back and spine: In addition, this article from our editorial team looks at nerve symptoms, which can often involve the back: Concerning treatments and medications, for your protection we cannot give medical advice over the internet. Hopefully others will chime in with their experiences and what has helped them. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

      1. I have Ra in my spine to.

        1. My spine is so curved it looks like bobsleigh track. I also have spinal compression fractures from when I took so much prednisone that my belly distended so much people thought I was really a girl pregnant with twins. Everyday it feels like those old disney cartoons where skeletons play the xylophone on my spine. So, yes, I feel your pain, and it’s awful. A heating pad is permanently attached to my recliner, and I swing it behind my back when it gets real bad. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

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