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Steroids vs Tramadol

It's now 2.05 am Thursday.
Had steroid injection therapy in my knee, it helped tremendously for only 2 weeks.
Few months later had a steroid injection but it only helped for a few days and had 2 lots of steroid tablets but only 5 to 7 days worth each time.
so back to square one with the pain.
If they don't want you having to much steroids because of you having osteopenia, why don't they give you Tramadol.
Throughout the night i was in agony with knee stiffness and burning, felt like a raging inferno in my knee, also a dull ache in my outer thigh and hip,same leg,
On waking up in the morning at 6.45 am, i could hardly move my knee, it felt like i was wearing the tin man costume again out of wizard of oz.

Again 2nd night with burning, stiffness, knee and aching thigh. I'm seeing my family practice doctor tomorrow to change a Anti sickness tablet and I'm going to ask her for some kind of pain relief.

  1. You apparently had the short dose steroid intrajoint shot. Tell your doctor you want the Kenalog, which is longer lasting [a couple months]. I personally think steroid pills are too generalized and should not be taken. My opinion.

    The reason things hurt is likely because you don't have effective treatment for the disease. Have you tried a DMARD yet? That should be your first goal.

    1. hi yes i was put on methotrexate 15mg plus 5 mg folic acid tablets, after 6 weeks rheumatologist nurse put dose up to 20mg metho but now she wants me to have meth injections.

  2. Hi, ! I am having a total brain blank today! Were you able to get into the doctor today or is your appointment for tomorrow?

    Either way, I hope the doctor is able to offer you some pain relief that lasts for awhile -- I know it can be so tough to get good sleep when you're dealing with pain!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. , have the medications been helping? I hope so! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. hi, the tramadol helps but i am only taking that when i really need it.

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