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Struggling after negative lab work. Anyone have any advice?

I'm not even sure I should post because I haven't been diagnosed, but I need input. Background about me. 52 year old woman Type 1 diabetic Celiac disease Degenerative discs (back surgery 2015) Osteoarthritis in some areas Normal weight Great BP NOT a hypochondriac! Haha I started having bad pain in hands at lower finger joints and extreme fatigue, depression, trouble concentrating and just feeling not right. Went to doc, all tests came back normal. 🙁 Xrays of hands show some mild arthritis she says. Sending me to orthopedist. I KNOW something is not right with me. Any thoughts out there?

  1. Hi Valjoy. Sorry you are having this pain and diagnostic issues. You mention seeing a doctor and getting tests done, but not whether the doctor was a rheumatologist. For your protection, we cannot provide medical advice over the internet. As this article from one of our contributors discusses, RA can be extremely difficult to diagnose and up to 30% of those with RA are seronegative: In addition a number of other autoimmune conditions share some symptoms and a rheumatologist should be able to help identify those as well. You also mention celiac disease, which is also an autoimmune condition. Autoimmune conditions can often be comorbid and medications for one may impact tests for inflammation. Remember, you are always entitled to a second opinion. Please know that you are welcome here for information and support. Best, Richard ( Team)

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