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I don't know how everyone else feels but personally I have to have have complete trust in my surgeon. I was fortunate to have one of the top leading orthopedic surgeons in Hamikton and I found that I was confident and relaxed for every surgery he did and my healing time was not as long as I anticipate. I have to have more surgery and I'm hoping this new surgeon meets my expectations ( unfortunately I lost my surgeon a few years back due to cancer). Here's hoping for good results. GOD bless anyone who has to have surgery because of RA

  1. Marylou,

    Thanks so much for you post in our forums. While we are glad your mind was at ease with your first surgeon and sorry for your loss, we hope this new surgeon is just as good. We will be thinking of you and please come back and let us know how you are doing and how you made out!

    Thanks for your blessings to the community, we are glad to have you here!
    Lauren ( Team Member)

    1. I think the same thing about mine. I went through years of agony bouncing before I found her, the one that would end up helping. I felt and still do very blessed...

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