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Swelling in my arm

Hi to all,

On Tuesday after I had been shopping in the morning and went across the road for a few more things to complete the shopping after tea my right arm was really swollen and last night my shoulder really painfull like I couldn't move it very sore felt like I needed a sling as it was so bad.
Should I buy one incase I need 1 for the next time or not.


  1. Hi, ! First off, I am so sorry you are dealing with should pain and swelling! If the pain and swelling continues, I would suggest contacting your physician and letting him/her know what is going on, just to be safe. Did you do something different that may be behind the pain you are experiencing now? Slings can be purchased inexpensively at most drug stores and mass merchandisers, but you may want to check with your physician before spending the money on one. I hope you get some relief very soon! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I would be concerned that I woudl want a docotr to look things over sooner than later. There are RA and non RA things that might explain the issue. Some might be small and others not so much. I know I would start with ice and a doctor instead of a sling.

      rick - moderator

      1. Hi to you,

        Iam phoning phyisio again today that's what I have been advised by my doctor to do but the problem is that my swelling occurred at night time and stiffness in my shoulder joint its not always going to be presant in the daytime which will make it hard to be seen.
        Will have to take more pictures is the only way I suppose.


        1. Hi Diamonds500. Glad you are contacting a physiotherapist. It is fairly common for shoulder pain to be worse at night for all kinds of conditions ranging from tendinitis, bursitis, nerve impingement, to rotator cuff issues and of course, in your case, RA. The doctors are used to the fact that the issues are worse at night, but you may be right about the more pictures. I can tell you that when I had shoulder issues they used a handheld ultrasound to image my shoulder and it was quite easy. Hoping your exam is also and that you get some answers. Please feel free, if you like, to keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

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